Why You'd Want to Consult These Personae and This Website

Is your library communicating effectively with your multicultural populations? Do you know what media channels they pay attention to? Do you know what they care about, or how they want to consume their information?

Develop effective communications. Differences in language and culture mean the messages we send aren't always received. Differences in interest and priorities means the messages we send, when received, aren't always helpful. Using personae can help libraries understand how to work effectively with potential user populations.

Develop more appropriate services. With a better understanding of the needs and concerns of your population, you can develop or refine your services to be more appropriate to their needs. While we did not design library services for this group, our understanding of their needs, desires, and limitations helped us see areas where services and programs could be adapted to be more appealing to these personas.

The example we provide here is of personae based on research among members of the Midwestern Latino population. In this website, we share the product of that research, the personae, and give you ideas for message creation -- so you can apply these personae directly in your library if you live in the Midwest and want to reach Latinos, or so that you can apply this method of personae creation for a different multicultural group through your own library.